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Friday, 17 September 2010

It don't add up to a hill o' beans!

I needed to show you that I find maths tricky! All I have been doing today is number crunching and I am already feeling that crunching is not good for me. I have had to start to make decisions and who would have thunk it I'm growing increasingly indecisive. I know why, it's all those zeros I was talking about the other day. Make the wrong choice and my already seriously depleted bank balance shrinks like a mans privates when entering a particularly cold sea.
I am deliberating about things that wouldn't even have been on my radar a month ago. The good news is that I have time on my side. I can afford to spend large amounts of time finding things at the right price. Today alone I have saved myself £100 by shopping around. Aaaah, the joy of the Internet. I must start as I mean to continue.
I'm now thinking about leaving my false ceiling up as I cannot find any light fittings that are beautiful enough to sit on the actual ceiling without leaving an horrendous amounts of wires trailing. I am sorry if this is boring you but this is my new life.
This is a battle that I know you have all wanted to know about. Paint versus Carpet. Who will win in this fight to the bottom? Who will be floored before they get out of the corner? Another mundane decision to be made.
I've started to contact artists about putting work in the gallery. It's all been positive so far. I looked at the website of a photographer Milo Newman. He's good, I'm just waiting for him to give me permission to put a link on here and maybe some pics to give you a taste. My website designer Neil Stevens @ Deshok seems to think he will have something to show me very soon. I can't wait to share that link with you all.
The weekend is almost here and I will be able to put down my laptop and engage with real people. I hope I'm up to the challenge.

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