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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

I'll show you mine, if you show me yours?

You wanted a window so I gave you a window!

Ok so this is MUCH later than planned. The best laid plans of mice and men often go astray according to some very famous author. What you should know is that I have been to the pub celebrating a friends birthday tonight so if there's any typing mistakes or Freudian slips they are purely unintentional.
I have revealed the window that wasn't and now is. Yes, it is ugly but it's mine. The bars remind me of Prisoner Cell Block H. Oh, I could reminisce about Uni and that programme but rest assured I won't.
It was a busy day at the gallery, if I was to carry on the analogy of metamorphosis it would definitely be at the 'leather jacket' stage. If you can remember your O' Level Biology for my younger audience GCSE.
Got loads done and three out of the four spaces that I need to renovate are very nearly finished. Which will leave the 'Big One'. Matt hasn't got back to me yet with my quote. I hope that no news is good news. Not holding my breath though.
On another note, when is a fire door not a fire door?
When it's a useless hunk of wood that will almost guarantee that you choke to death on noxious fumes. So it would appear that my current 'fire door' and I use that term loosely is neither use nor ornament. I feel like if I was a cartoon character there would be pound signs in my eyes whilst birds flew around my head.
I would like to have exclusive ownership of the phrase "'Ow Much?"
My finished office, with clock and CCTV.
My Boss has decided to reward all my hard work with the day off tomorrow. It just means that all work will be computer based and can be done from home. The Ice Lady is thawing just a little. At eight minutes past midnight I think I can safely say goodnight and thanks for reading and for my international audience good morning and thanks for reading!


  1. - Replace with wrought ironwork methinks?

  2. not sure i remember anything about leather jackets in biology but i'll put that down either to me messing about at school or u being drunk after friends birthday celebrations!! not sure which!! hope the birds stop flying around ur head sooon!!! xxx