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Sunday, 26 September 2010

Just one more, you never come out on a Sunday!

It's been a resounding yes on the skateboard front. Apparently, if I ask Santa Christmas he may fill his sack with one for me. But if he's paying I want an iPad!!
This blog should really be about the 'Pathway to Hell'. Now, there are some of you thinking what? I can almost hear you think it. For those of you who know your 'sayings' you'll know what I'm talking about. That particular pathway is 'paved with good intentions'. That's exactly what my day has been like. I meant to do so many things today but the thing I actually achieved was buying a First Aid Kit for the studio. Don't shake your head in disappointment it's Sunday!! I have however, been networking. (Read going to the pub and meeting friends of friends) It would seem in a town like Swanage everybody knows my business. More importantly, skilled and talented people are throwing their business cards at me along with a whole host of great ideas. Thanks guys I'm going to be in touch. My good friend Ian came to the gallery today with the lovely Johnathan and within minutes he'd suggested a great idea for my dividing wall. It's great and I'm going to do it.
Tomorrow there is going to be a whole lotta flooring going on. I have a new man coming to sort out my flooring at home. Thank God.. It's a disaster! Meanwhile, at the gallery I'm pulling up carpets and laying floors. Oh yeah, and phoning the infamous BT to ask why? why? why? can they not sort out my Internet?
I'm so looking forward to that!

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