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Monday, 6 September 2010

Losing my cherry!

Today was the day! I finally went to the Bike Shop/Gallery. I'm going to level with you, I was a little scared about going there first time on my own. My level of responsibility had grown by 1000,000,000%. I am entering the realms of a business owner. I'm going to be my own boss. I just hope that I'm a good employee. No pulling 'Sickies' when I'm well but fancy the day off. No elongated breaks and lunches. No sloping off early to do the shopping. Am I insane to give up all those perks of working for other people? It's ok, I know the answer. Of course I am, but I'm an artist and in the words of Bobby Brown 'it's my prerogative'.
So I opened the door and was greeted by the smell of tyre rubber and oil. First thought, that has got to go. You want to know about how it felt, well it was exciting, exhilarating, scary and right. It felt right and I can totally see myself in there doing my thing. The amount of work required to make my dream a reality seems totally possible. The most work needs to be done is in the gallery space. The walls are covered in huge bike logo banners. Nice. As you can see the floor is covered in grease.  The ceiling is sporting 1980 tiles and florescent lighting.
The first picture is of what will be my studio it's difficult to get the sense of scale but it's pretty big.
The second picture is of the gallery space it's huge. I'm happy about that.  Tomorrow the work will begin in earnest. I intend to take a proper camera with me tomorrow so that I can document each stage of the transformation. So you will be properly involved. Wish me luck it's going to hard graft from now on. But I'm ready for it!

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