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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Sweating and Swearing.

My Postcard Door Outside

My Postcard Door Inside
Today saw the return of my Internet connection. To say I'm happy would not go far enough I'm ecstatic! It took me nearly two hours with much sweating and swearing and in the end patience. It is funny how BT managed to fix the problem within minutes when I told them I was canceling my broadband. A nice man from Newcastle at BTs rapid response IT Support based in England put me on the path to reconnection. 
As you can see this means that you can now have a chance to look at what I've been up to. So here are my decorated doors. 
My day was again punctuated by incessant phone ringing, by the twelfth call offering me a service I didn't want the lady could tell by my tone I had had enough so after she said  her piece I was about to less than politely tell her to 'go away' or more accurately for you Swanage locals Far Corfe, and she hung up on me. How rude!
There are a few things that I have uncovered on this voyage of discovery, becoming a gallery owner. I'm going to share them with you as that's the whole point of this blog. 
  1. Pulling up carpet is Mans work.
  2. Black bogeys can occur outside of London
  3. Accessories can cleverly cover little mistakes
  4. Polyfilla can be used extensively where ever whether it says so on the tub or not
  5. Paint under your nails can look like an expensive manicure if properly applied
  6. You can comb emulsion paint out of afro hair
  7. You can make a sandwich without butter. No, really you can!
  8. People seem to want to sell me stuff all the time.
  9. My pockets are deep but empty
  10. Talking to yourself makes the day more interesting

These are all things I now know and so do you. Time for another picture. What light through yonder window breaks? I have yet to show you it in all its glory. So, here it is. Today I pulled up carpets, filled cracks, sanded, swept, peeled, stripped and painted. Wow, I sure know how to have a good time. Tomorrow, Matt is going to fit my fire door and I'm going to attempt to set up broadband at the gallery. Wish me BIG FAT LUCK!!!!
Till then...


  1. Best line to deter telesales: "sorry, I don't have time for this" bang, phone down - delivered less than 5 seconds into their spiel, cutting straight across them. Works every time. :)

  2. Big Fat Luck.....!!
    I can think of a long list of people I'd like to 'Far Corfe' too!!!
    Can you really eat sandwiches without butter? Surely not?!!

  3. Big Fat Luck wished to you from me :)xxx