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Saturday, 18 September 2010

I can't get no sleep!

If you were ever wondering how to stay up late without the help of Red Bull, Caffeine and Illegal Substances I have discovered the perfect solution!!
Start your own business! It works like a charm, no shakes, paranoia, horrible come downs or anything. Just a guarantee that when you should be sleeping you are wide awake.
How much time does a person need to think about paint? Apparently, this person needs at least one hour contemplating the various pros and cons of matt versus gloss.
Tragic in absolutely every way possible.
The only news on the gallery front today is...............you've guessed it! PAINT. I have bought floor paint, metal paint and wall paint.
I have no other news other than Milo has given me the go ahead to put his website link on here. So if you feel like it have a look.
I hope that I have something more interesting to tell you in the next few days.

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