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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Please Read! My sanity may depend on it!!!

Trying to organise your life particularly your brand new business life is made 10 times more difficult without access to the Internet. I am now certain that the reason my dream is only now becoming a reality is because I could never have coped before. Snail mail. Researching where? A library? What I achieve in seconds would have taken days. I think I'm having a huge reality check. I feel like an amputation has taken place, I've got 'Missing Limb Syndrome' only the limb is my laptop and I am sure as Hell missing it. I know what you're thinking! Bitch, moan, bitch, moan, tell you about the gallery already. I have a window that lets in daylight!!! It looks awesome. Still a bit Prisoner Cell Block H but I love it like only a Mother could. The false ceiling is now at the municipal dump and my new front windows coming Friday. Even better than that I think I've managed to get my new doors for free 99! I'm hoping that is the case. Fingers crossed people. Tomorrow I've got to buy a whole heap of stuff. Mundane and boring but necessary. I found out today that it costs £44 a year to get a license to play music. Ker-ching I'm having some of that! As this is another transmission from my iPhone I'm going to call it a day. Can I recommend something before I go? I'm going to anyway! The Girl Who Played with Fire, Swedish film really good. As I'm recommending that I should also recommend MicMacs a french film by Jeunet (Amelie-Director). It's almost too good if that's possible.
Bon Nuit

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