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Thursday, 9 September 2010

To say that I do not have the mental capability to write this would be a huge understatement. But just to keep it interesting I'm going to carry on regardless. You have my sympathy if it turns out to be absolute drivel. I will do my best. I already told you about the 200+ screws that I would have to remove. Well I started that today and guess what? Can you guess? I then had 200+ holes to fill. My cup of joy runneth over. So thank you to the mighty Black & Decker for making that first bit a little easier.
Then started the the major degrease. Sugar soap and pink marigolds, even with my OCD tendencies did not hit the spot. Several buckets of black water later you could start to see the colour of the paint underneath. Matt Suttle my Man that Can came by today to get a feel for the place, he's going to be putting up my false walls. Like me he got way more excited about this totally retro ghetto blaster that I found. I think it's going to be my first working installation piece.

It's a handsome thing indeed. I hope that there's someone reading this that feels just a tiny twinge of nostalgia for these pre ipod works of absolute genius.
Anyway, waxing lyrical about a ghetto blaster.......... So back to the gallery. I'm back in there Monday as I need a haircut as I'm currently growing a pseudo fro. It looks rubbish. Then the afternoon will be spent buying more paint, much more paint, much, much more paint. I reckon you now have the picture. I'm going to sign off now as I think enough is enough. Till the next time.

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