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Saturday, 9 October 2010

Appreciate my commitment even without a witty picture!

I'm writing this from the comfort of an outdoor heater. Today was the first day of my course. It was a bit weird as I was more qualified than the tutor. Was a little uncomfortable for the first bit but once I relaxed and she realised I wasn't a threat. We had a great day doing experimental printmaking. I had an absolute ball. It was great, we got on and made beautiful prints. There are pictures which I'll upload tomorrow.
Gallery news is a bit thin on the ground as my day was spent reconnecting with my inner printmaker. I learnt a few things that have given me confidence that I'm doing the right thing. There's a definite need for a workshop this side of the water. Also that people repeat attenders which is brilliant. They live near me so I will be a lot closer than Bournemouth. So happy times. The people on the course were all cool and I do like the smell of White spirit in the morning. I received bills at the gallery, my phone bill for a phone which I've had for two weeks and apparently has already cost me £90. I'm a little bit worried by that. I am now the proud owner of a door chime and three smoke detectors. Brilliant for me and safe for my future clients. As I'm typing this on my phone I'm going to keep it short. Tomorrow will be the great unveiling of my first prints in months. I hope you will like them. Until tomorrow. Please test out the comment gadget because I just need to know if it works. Thank you!